Guns on campus don't make sense.

Guns-on-Campus Bills


Senator Introduces Guns-on-Campus Bill 

Jan 30, 2012  Senator Gould introduces SB1474, a revamped guns-on-campus bill that would prohibit Governing Boards from keeping guns out of common areas.  More >>

Legislators Introduce Guns-on-Campus Bill 

Jan 30, 2012  Senators Gould and Antenori and Representative Crandell introduce SB1479, which would limit a Governing Board's ability to adopt policies to prevent disruption of a college through any use, display, or possession of a firearm or deadly weapon. More >>

Representative Introduces Guns-on-Campus Bill 

Jan 11, 2012  Representative Harper introduces HB2254, a  guns-on-campus bill that allows (some) faculty to carry guns on campus.  More >>