Guns on campus don't make sense.

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From the AZ Republic Political Insider:

Tact? The NRA? ... Rumor has it they have some. Sources told Insider that at least three NRA lobbyists were scheduled to be at the Legislature last week, twisting arms to garner support for legislation to allow guns on university and community college campuses. Rumor is that it might not have enough support to pass even in this gun-loving Legislature.

But the three were nowhere to be seen. Apparently, officials said, the lobbyists thought it might not be appropriate to try to push through a guns on campus bill in Arizona days after three Ohio students died in a school shooting.

But don't count them out altogether. They could be back this week.

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Feb 3, 2012 Phoenix Fox10 News 
Play the video below to see the interview with Faculty Association Public Information Officer.
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